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How to use Quartz Singing Bowls

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  1. How Singing Quartz bowls & pyramids work
  2. Tips How to Play Singing Bowls
  3. How to Make pure Herbal Tinctures, Charged Waters, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs

How Singing Quartz Bowls & Pyramids work

Through the pure crystalline tones of the resonating bowl, the soothing sound created modifies brain wave activity, slowing it down to Alpha state. One can relax into an altered state of consciousness within 5-10 minutes. As different parts of the brain are affected, it is believed that different hormones and neuro-chemicals are released. The release of such can suppress pain, improve moods, change anxiety levels, and lead to overall balancing and feelings of well-being.
Eva Rudy Jansen in her book Singing Bowls, documented the effect of Tibetan metal bowls:

"It is possible to record the waves produced by singing bowls. It was found that among the wave patterns of different singing bowls there is a measurable wave pattern which is equivalent to the alpha waves produced by the brain.”

We are all vibration. Everything around is in vibration.
The question is: At what rate are you vibrating?

Everything in the Universe is in constant motion, which means the potential for constant change. For humans, this provides the opportunity for betterment through raising or elevating your vibratory rate. Scientific studies and measurement research have validated what Ancient Wise Ones, Spiritual Leaders, Metaphysicians and Holistic healers have taught for millennia: negative emotions, thoughts, feelings have vibrate at low frequencies and positive emotions, thoughts, feelings vibrate at higher frequencies. Both are contagious! In other words, the energy in motion via a wave of consciousness influences those around them.

Think of it this way: You are standing in a pool of water. You push the water toward your friend at the other end of the pool. The waves you create with the water impact your friend. If they are gentle waves, the impact will be gentle, perhaps pleasant experience. If the wave is agitated, perhaps the force of a tidal wave, probably not so pleasant. A most basic and crude layman’s explanation but you get the picture. Think of sound, vibration the same as you would the water. You see the water and can touch it, so you hold more belief in its power. But although you cannot see the soundwave itself, its effects are just as real and powerful.

Yet, Research at Stanford University demonstrated that Resonance will always win-out over dissonance. Playing of our Wisdom Light American Quartz Singing Bowls (or pyramids) helps you to create resonance and overcome the dissonance in your body, mind, heart and soul. Bringing harmony into your sphere will win-out over the negativity that came before it. Add to this that your body is basically a liquid crystalline structure. Pure Quartz crystal music from a pure white or optically clear bowl made from the unadulterated, uncolored pure American Quartz Crystal of Wisdom Light crystal bowls holds the vibration of white light, which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakras when played through the wave of acoustic energy known as sound. It is the MUSICAL NOTE or tone played that holds the power to create change as it resonates into, around and through you.

Wisdom Light crystal bowls have the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. As we shift consciousness for the better, so are all structures of our existence changed---such is the Universal Law of Vibration, more commonly known as the Law of Attraction. And while the powers that be do not allow us to claim medical benefits, (always consult a physician if you have concerns or issues with your physical health), there are many anecdotal incidences of immediate and physical biological changes in those who have experienced the bowls, (Including nurses who had the ability to verify such changes or improvements when they returned to work in their hospitals).

But modern medicine is catching up with the ancient secrets of sound used by ancient Egyptians, ancient pre-Incan people and others. In fact, one Oxford University bio-physicist, Dr. Colin W.F. McClare, found out that to relay information to a biological system, frequencies were more efficient than other growth factors such as hormones and neuro-transmitters. Science today is discovering that frequencies actually have control over and influence our bodies and creating technology (such as ultra-sound) to mimic the benefits of acoustic sound. What is that saying, “Everything old is new again”?

There is a reason the physical scientists and the product engineers of high technology instrumentation and computer/smart products use quartz crystal. In fact, it was for this industry that quartz crystal bowls were originally made. Quartz is able to maintain the balance of electro-magnetic energies between the north and south poles and amplify and transmit information. It is extremely accurate and consequently the foundation of timekeeping systems in all our contemporary watches is quartz crystal and many of our computer gadgets we use daily.

All life forms possess an electro-magnetic field as well and have polarity relationship between north and south, as well. Clear quartz helps us integrate the balance in our own electro-magnetic energies and liquid crystalline bodies. Pure Quartz Sound resonation helps dispel the low-level frequencies and bring us into alignment with its higher level frequencies.

Fused quartz bowls or containers neither absorb organic materials, colors, liquids or chemicals nor bleed into those organic materials, liquids or chemicals like metal does, making it an appropriate medium for laboratories and for the reader of this website, for making the purest and cleanest of herbal infusions, teas, tinctures, flower essences or gem elixirs.

“The Sacred Word and its Overtones will lead mankind to the spiritual planes from which he came.”
– Robert C Lewis, The Sacred Word and Its Overtones”

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Discover the magic of Singing Crystal Bowls. Use them to enhance your energy... use them to complement your professional practice….use them in innovative ways as Spirit inspires you!

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Tips How to Play Singing Bowls

TIPS from a Top-Ranked Psychic, Visionary Teacher, Reiki Master, Bowl Expert and the Founder of The Wisdom Light®

  1. Always take a moment to consecrate your intention and your space as you begin playing the bowls.
  2. Turn off your phones, computer volumes and preferably be in a space that is calm and separate from the stresses of your work.
  3. Surround yourself with the purest of white light and protect yourself by affirming that you are only available to "the Highest Truth, Wisdom and Light."
  4. You may also state "I play these bowls with the Highest Truth, Wisdom and Light.”

  5. Hold your cruelty-free striker at a 45 degree angle AWAY from the bowl.
  6. Hold your cruelty-free striker like you would a pencil for ease of maintaining the right angle, pressure and circulating the outside of the bowl.
  7. Drag your striker steadily around the outside vertical surface of the bowl. You do NOT need to press hard. Gently firm and steady is the key.(Note: if you find your rubber tip wearing down, you are pressing too hard)
  8. Do NOT play the rim of your bowl, this is not a wine glass.
  9. NEVER play the inside of your bowl, lest you wish to risk having to replace your bowls after they break. (Doesn’t matter what you’ve seen on unvetted YouTube). You get better sound from the outside anyway.
  10. Do not strike the bowl with the bare wood or copper portion of any striker or mallet.
  11. If you wish to create a different sound effect, one that is softer, our premium Rubber mallets allow for this. (Hyperlink here). Hold it as you would a pencil and use the same light pressure and steady hand that you use with your Striker. Our rubber ball mallets are made from premium, solid rubber to order in Colorado and are a generous 2.5” diameter which makes them easier to handle and play without bouncing off the bowl as the small, softer rubber mallets made in China do.

How to Make pure Herbal Tinctures, Charged Waters, Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs

As mentioned above, our pure quartz bowls do not absorb the liquids, herbs or colors you put inside them, nor they do they bleed its own material of pure quartz into your product as containers made from metal, plastic, ceramic or typical glass containing lead/boron might. This makes a quartz crystal bowl the perfect medium for making your tinctures, elixirs, charged waters. This is important if you make such liquid concoctions for sale to others.

  1. Use distilled water or pure, natural, from the source Spring water when making these.
  2. Don’t just use your bowl as a mixing medium, play it! Benefit from the healing resonance that is created and charges your mixtures held inside the bowls. Experiment with sounding different bowls/chakras/astrological signs/musical notes in different combinations while making gem elixirs or flower essences. Make sure you label your results so you remember not only the herb, flower or gem used, but the notes used to charge that batch.
  3. Use your own spiritual guidance and intuition when combining gems or flowers with the bowls and their musical notes/chakras. Experiment with different chakra bowls when making essences and elixirs. For example, violet tincture, essence or elixir made in a 6th chakra bowl is a totally different product than violet made in a 2nd chakra bowl; turquoise elixirs made in a 5th or Throat chakra bowl are different than those made in a 1st chakra bowl.
  4. If you are making a special concoction for a specific person, add the sounding of the note that corresponds with the chakra of the issues with which they are dealing, regardless of what your own physical ingredients are.
  5. If you leave your concoction to charge overnight by the moonlight or by a window to charge by the sun, place a cheesecloth over the top of your bowl to prevent dust and other debris from falling into your tincture, elixir, essence or water.
  6. We also carry mugs and tall, columnar quartz vessels for this purpose as well, on our Accessories page

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