Learn about the Many Facets of the Singing Quartz Crystal Bowls

Q: What are the Crystal Bowls made of?
A: Each crystal bowl is made of 99.992% pure American quartz. One reason why the pure tones vibrate our body is that it has a natural affinity to quartz. The human body is composed of many crystalline substances—the bones, blood and DNA are crystalline in structure as well as the liquid crystal-colloidal structure of the brain. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electro-magnetic energies, and has the same formula as natural quartz crystal.

Q: How do the Crystal Bowls work?
A: One plays the bowl by striking the side or dragging the striker around the outside to create tone and overtones. Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light, which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakras when played. Aside from positive physical effects, it has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. Crystal is able to maintain the balance of electro-magnetic energies between the north and south poles. It is extremely accurate and consequently the foundation of timekeeping systems in all our contemporary watches is quartz crystal. The same electro-magnetic field exists within all life forms. Clear quartz integrates the balance in our own electro-magnetic energies.

Q: What is Crystal Bowl music and what makes it such a powerful healing instrument?
A: Crystal bowl music is a form of vibrational therapy which validates that all matter based on an atomic structure, such as the human body, is in a state of vibration and the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called a resonance. The chakras, bones and organs in the body all possess a different resonant frequency. When an organ or part of the body is vibrating out of "sync" or balance, "dis-ease" is created. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell and each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being.
Edward Bach, MB, BS, D.P.H. author of Heal Thyself, An Explanation of the Real Cause and Cure of Disease, 1931, and founder of Bach Flower Remedies, clearly understood illness as a reflection of disharmony between the physical personality and the soul and stated that it is easy to cure by balancing the magnetic qualities of the higher subtle bodies. Through pure tone one can re-pattern the energy field organization that ultimately affects the cellular expression of disease or wellness. Crystal bowl music is all the more powerful as it can be programmed. Quartz crystal as a holographic light template is able to hold, transmit and receive thought forms and is fundamental to the memory "mother boards" of all computers.

Q: How can the Crystal Bowls influence my health?
A: Vibrational medicine is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by blockage in the channels on some level, either in nadis, arteries, veins or nerves. When there is blockage, the organ in question cannot vibrate at a healthy frequency and thus it develops physical symptoms or illness. Through sound vibration one can break up, dissolve and release these blockages and thus improve symptoms in our physical body. Ultrasound has been used medically for almost two decades as a diagnostic tool by obstetricians and pediatricians while the baby is in the very early stages of fetal development and, more recently, ultrasound is being used to cleanse gall bladders and clogged arteries, or relax muscles. Ultrasound works on the same principle of light equals sound and tone equals radiance manifesting in form. Furthermore, quite simply, listening to the bowls puts one into an alpha brainwave state almost immediately. This state creates a relaxation of the mind and body. A relaxed, less stressed body and mind is a healthier body and mind.

Q: What relationship do the Crystal Bowls have to the Chakra system?
A: When played, crystal bowls emit a pure holographic template of radiant light that corresponds to the octave of sound within our bodies. Each bowl plays a different note. There are twenty-one musical notes that correspond to the seven main chakras, which in turn correspond to different areas and systems of the body.

Q: Why are they called pure tone crystal?
A: The bowls are 99.992% pure quartz crystal. The pure tone of crystal bowls produces a vibrational sound field which resonates the light body chakra and corresponding physical area. The overtones created by the bowls and their resonance to the body facilitate the rebalancing of each receiver and an elevated level of etheric radiance. Clear quartz contains the full spectrum of light that is related to the seven energy centres (chakras) and thus heals the listener by bringing pure light through sound back into the human aura. The effect is multiplied as the crystal bowls are played. Crystal acts as an oscillator—magnifying and transmitting pure tone. This is why pure silicon crystal is used in all of our most advanced telecommunication systems. Like a powerful radio transmitter, the crystal bowls transmit energy, not only into the human body, but into the surrounding atmosphere for planetary balancing as well.

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